Jansen Wiratama

TANGERANG, INDONESIA | jansen.wiratama@umn.ac.id | NIDN: 0409019301 | Scopus ID: 58080730500 | ENFJ-A

Having more than 11 years of experience in Higher Education,
life-long learning and passionate to conduct “Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi” (Education, Research, and Community Outreach).
Currently working as a Lecturer of Information System, IT Consultant, and Freelance Graphic Designer.

Work Experience

Lecturer of Information System - Assistant Professor (LEKTOR 300)

Faculty of Engineering and Informatics - MULTIMEDIA NUSANTARA UNIVERSITY

- Develop a modules and deliver excellent teaching according to the standard of the Institution and DIKTI.
- Produce high quality research and publication.
- Participate actively in community service programs.
- Participate in the self development program.
- Advise students on academic matters.

July 2021 - Present

Lecturer of Information System - Lecturer (Asisten Ahli 150)

Information Systems Study Program - STMIK Dharma Putra

- Develop a modules and deliver excellent teaching according to the standard of the Institution and DIKTI.
- Participate actively in community service activites.
- Advice students on Academic matters
- Produce high-quality research publication.

August 2015 - June 2021

Academic Staff

Yayasan Pendidikan Dharmaputra Tangerang

- Develop an operational plan for Academic Section.
- Coordinating the preparation of the standardization of teaching materials.
- Preparing college accreditation policy materials from faculty programs.

September 2013 - June 2021

Freelance Digital Marketing

CV Abiyu Mitra Kimia

- Plan, develop and implement SEO strategy .
- Identify problems and deficiency and implement solutions in a timely manner.
- Identify our buyer persona to better target identified audiences.
- Regularly perform thorough keywords research.
- Monitor redirects, click rate, bounce rate, and other KPI's.
- Prepare and present reports regularly.
- Suggest improvements for process and productivity optimization.
- Stay up to date with the latest SEO and digital marketing latest trends and best practices.

December 2018 - August 2019

Sales Executive

PT Tunas Ridean, Tbk

- Greeting and prospecting customers to identifying their needs.
- Maintaining customers database and communicating with them.
- Negotiating sales prices and handling contracts.

December 2012 - September 2013

Formal Education

Faculty of Information Technology - Master of Computer Science (M.Kom)

Budi Luhur University
Major - Information System Technology
January 2016 - September 2017

Informatics Study Program - Bachelor of Computer Science (S.Kom)

STMIK Dharma Putra
Major - Informatics
August 2011 - August 2015

Vocational high School - Computer Engineering and Informatics

SMK Bonavita
Major - Multimedia
July 2008 - May 2011


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Information System Analysis and Design: UML
  • Human and Computer Interaction: Figma
  • Security and Computer Network: Wireshark & Metasploit
  • Operating System Concept: Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android
  • Database Systems: Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL
  • Data Warehouse: Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle)
  • Data Visualization: Power BI and Tableau
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Graphic Designer: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Research Interests and Collaboration

My research interests are centred on the confluence of Big Data Analytics, Database Development, and Software Engineering. I am ardently dedicated to the exploration of innovative methodologies for harnessing the vast potential of big data, with a particular emphasis on the development of advanced analytics solutions. This entails not only the meticulous design of robust and scalable databases but also a comprehensive immersion in the intricacies of software engineering to craft highly efficient and user-centric applications.

I am always open to collaboration with like-minded researchers and institutions who share a passion for advancing knowledge in these domains. In particular, I am keen on collaborating to produce high-quality research that meets the stringent standards of Scopus Journal Indexing. By combining our expertise and resources, we can engage in research endeavours that have a meaningful impact on both academia and industry.
If any of these research areas resonate with you interests, please reach out to me via email at jansen.wiratama@umn.ac.id. I look forward to exploring potential collaboration opportunities and contributing to the body of knowledge in these vital fields.


  • [2018] Database Administration Fundamentals - Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
  • [2019] Improvement of Basic Instructional Skills - PEKERTI
  • [2020] HTML, CSS & Javascript - Digital Talent Scholarship Kominfo and Progate
  • [2021] Master Tutorial, UX Design with Goverment and Industry: Overcoming Institutional Constraints - UX Indonesia & CX Insight
  • [2022] Certified International Specialist Data Visualization (CISDV) - Fundamental: PASAS Institute
  • [2022] Front-end Web Developer and Javascript: Hacktiv8
  • [2023] Azure Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fundamentals: Microsoft Certified Fundamentals (MCF)
  • [2024] Certified International Qualified Data Visualization (CISQV)- Intermediate: PASAS Institute